NATO must intervene in Ukraine now and let Putin know that his game of thrones and imperialism is over.

Christian Odinson

Jan 25

Retired lieutenant general of the Norwegian army, Robert Moods have gone out publically and warned that the world may face World War 3 if NATO does not act now.

He has stated that unless NATO quickly intervenes with boots on the ground in Ukraine we may in the future face a major escalation and a nuclear war.

He is not some random armchair general sitting on his moms basement, but a well renowned actual general that has served as the head of United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria, the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization, the head of Norwegian Red Cross, head of Norwegian defense forces – his education is from the Norwegian Military Academy, NATO Defense College and the United States Marine Corps University where he was ranked as the best student. He is also awarded with the Defence Service Medal with Laurel Branch and he has worked under both Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon.

So what is his solution to stop World War 3 ?

  • NATO must intervene in Ukraine now and let Putin know this his game of thrones and imperialism is over.
  • First NATO must implement a no-fly zone and give Putin a short timetable to withdraw his forces or NATO will destroy the russian forces
  • If Putin does not comply, NATO must mobilize and enter Ukraine with boots on the ground and kick Russia out.

His reasoning behind this is that Russia now is severely weakened and will have no option but to comply or be destroyed, but if NATO does not intervene the war will carry on whilst Russia mobilizes upwards of 700 000 troops, this will not only prolong the war but also escalate it.

It’s better that NATO intervenes instead of allowing Russia to build up forces and crank out military hardware.

Retired Lieutenant General Robert Mood advocates presenting Putin with a concrete ultimatum: Withdraw the forces from Ukraine, or we will take control of the airspace, move in and kick his forces out.

As a basis for the assumption that the war in Ukraine is about to slide into a world war, he refers to Fionah Hill. She has been a security adviser to Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump and is referred to as one of the world’s foremost Russia experts.

What is your opinion? Should NATO take of its silk gloves and intervene in Ukraine even tho Ukraine is not a NATO member?

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Comment from Teehon Noin Annenkov:

“As a person who grew up in Russia, and has been following what Putin says and does for two decades, I have been saying this ALL ALONG. Since February last year.

Putin doesn’t care if Russians starve or freeze, so sanctions are irrelevant. He has no empathy nor does he have any kind of humanity left in him.

But like every tyrant, he is a coward at heart. He would have NEVER attacked Ukraine if he thought that they would put up an actual fight. Now he wishes he didn’t, but he is not in any actual danger… So far. The guy is so craven that he destroys any possible political opposition, even if the chances are very low that said opposition can achieve anything.

If he was in Zelenskii position at the beginning of the war, he would have surrendered straight away and offered to rule Russia in the name of the new overlords.”


    • It is probably the least controversial article posted on this site. It has been blindingly obvious since 2014 what needs to be done.
      Yet this is an obscure amateur article that has not even been sub-edited.
      It needs to be professionally re-done and published in all the main media outlets.
      To end this horror quickly, there appears to be no viable alternative to what the General proposes.
      It is putler’s nuclear threats and ability to influence opinion in western media that has prevented it so far. Support for Ukraine is currently in decline in the most important opposition party in the world, thanks to the efforts of Carlson, Trump and many others.

  1. Of course, the general’s plan should be implemented, as soon as possible.
    But, it will never see the light of day, not even a fraction of it. Just take a close look at who the various NATO members are and their leaders. That suffices to end this discussion.
    History has shown that fear is never a good companion for any leader of a nation. Cowardice and fear of war have often enough conjured up just that.

    • Article refers to “one of the world’s foremost Russia experts”; Fiona Hill. She believes that WW3 is in progress and does not rule out putler using nukes.

      Wiki: “Hill has spoken of the difficulty of maintaining a consistent U.S.-Russia policy under President Trump, a result of the clash of her “hawkish” view on Russia and Trump’s intermittently warm and welcoming approach, and of the difficulty of ascertaining what Trump and Putin discussed in private meetings.”

      Also from Wiki: “Trump for his part described her as “a deep state stiff with a nice accent.”

      Also: “On 28 February 2022, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Hill was asked by Politico’s senior editor Maura Reynolds if she thought Vladimir Putin would use Russia’s nuclear weapons and responded by saying, “Putin is increasingly operating emotionally and likely to use all the weapons at his disposal, including nuclear ones.” She stated, “Every time you think, ‘No, [Putin] wouldn’t, would he?’ Well, yes, he would.”

      “Hill also stated that she believes that World War III is in progress and that the invasion of Ukraine exemplifies that. In a later interview with Politico Hill said the war is the third great power conflict in Europe in a little over a century, saying “it’s the end of the existing world order. Our world is not going to be the same as it was before.”

      • When I envision the various Western leaders during the past 20 odd years, I see grovelers before the monkey’s feet. It’s no wonder that the midget thought that invading Ukraine full-scale was a grand idea. It’s time to stop the groveling.

  2. I think it should be done, but for me it is easy to say others should go fight Russia. (Although I am still around conscription age so who knows).

    I think a no-fly zone probably would do the trick already because Russians will shit their pants. And this can probably achieves with 0 NATO losses at all.

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