Russia should withdraw from Abkhazia and Ossetia as part of Ukraine peace deal – Georgian President

“Russia has to learn where its borders are. The Georgian issues should be on the table because nobody should think that this war can be resolved without Russia retreating from all the occupied territories” in the region, President Zourabichvili said.


    • Exactly. Georgia is doing absolutely nothing to help.
      On the other hand: Ukraine also was not helping Georgia in 2008.
      I think Ukraine owes Georgia nothing and the other way around.

      Still I think that a Russian collapse will cause a collapse in the occupied regions as well as they fully rely on Russian subsidies as there is no economic activity at all.

      When the money stops flowing the gauleiters in Georgian will quickly forget that they ever hated Georgia.

      The same goes for Transnistria: without Russia it cannot exist so their leaders will have nowhere else to turn.

      Therefore I am against military action in these regions as I believe the problems will solve themselves.

      I am confident this will happen, even if the outcome of the war in Ukraine will not be favourable. Evil empires that are built on a house of cards will always collapse eventually as only democracies are sustainable.

      In the case of Russia the first cards have fallen and the whole house is shaking. Why bother fighting if you are Moldova or Georgia?

      The same goes for Belarus.

  1. Unfortunately the role of the president has been downgraded since Saakashvili’s time. Executive power is in the hands of the PM; Irakli Garibashvili.
    But in reality the real ruler is Bidzina Ivanishvili: a Russian oligarch with a Georgian name.
    Ms Zourabichvili may have put herself in danger by this courageous statement.

    • I haven’t given this much thought but my initial impression is this is a good idea. Put all Poopin’s neighbors together and decide a settlement. After Ukraine gets the filth out I think Georgia and possibly others will want it too. Like a new Budapest but with a fucking real trigger in case the Moskali decide to break it.

      • It’s a great idea. But of course it needs all the military power, guidance and ingenuity of a great US president to pull it off. Only RR and JFK come to mind.
        Georgian volunteers have been fighting alongside Ukraine since 2014; I think they might still form the largest contingent of Ukraine’s foreign legion even now.
        The Black Sea coast from left bank Danube to Adler belongs to Ukraine and from Sochi to beyond Trabzon is Georgian.
        Turkey took a vast swathe of land from Sarpi to Trabzon; that needs to come back in order for Georgia to restore its ancient lands.
        I’d love to see that happen and Russia to be completely cut off from the Black Sea. That would be justice.
        But first this terrible war must be won and to do that we are dependent on the US, Poland and UK.
        There is an article coming tomorrow in the Speccie that will I think show that Milley is the architect of the hopeless “just enough” and “don’t engage” policy.

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