Russia says it will not ask Collective Security Treaty Organization to help fight Ukraine

Russia has not appealed and does not plan to appeal to the Collective Security Treaty Organization for assistance to wage war against Ukraine.

Source: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with Russian state-owned news outlet RIA Novosti

Quote: “We have not appealed to anyone with such a request [for help – ed.]. We believe that we have everything necessary to solve the tasks of a special military operation [as Russia calls the war against Ukraine – ed.], to end the war that the West started through the Ukrainian regime after the coup.”

Details: Lavrov also added that Russia is unlikely to appeal to the Collective Security Treaty Organization for help in the future because it seems to have everything it needs. “I think that this will not necessarily happen in the future because we do not see the need in terms of equipping our armed forces and how they work in the special military operation,” he said.

Background: In April 2022, Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence reported that the member countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization show no desire to participate in the war against Ukraine.


  1. Knowing how this terrorist works. I have no doubt that russia has asked all of the CTSO to help in this invasion of Ukraine, and received a firm negative, except for Putlers lapdog in Belarus.

  2. If there’s anything we’ve learned from Russia, is that if the dictatorship says one thing, then the public ought to expect exactly the opposite. Of course they’ve been asking their other “mercenary” and “security” companies for help with fighting Ukraine. The problem is, those groups are probably even lower “quality” than the russian military itself, and given how badly they do anything now, that’s really saying a lot about how bad the “security” companies are.

  3. Publicly Putin hasn’t asked. I’m sure he has and was told to pound sand. Kim offered 100K troops. But they would be a burden, not an asset. Their training is worse than Russia’s.

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