Race to find survivors after Kramatorsk missile strike

Telegraph live reports. Feb 2.


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At least three people have been found dead in the rubble of buildings hit by a massive late-night missile strike in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

More than 100 police officers worked through the night to recover bodies and rescue survivors who remained trapped in Kramatorsk, a city of 160,000 people before Russia’s invasion.

Donetsk police said an Islander-K missile struck homes about 9.45pm local time.

“At least eight apartment buildings were damaged, one of them was completely destroyed. Preliminarily, it is known about three dead civilians and 20 wounded. People may remain under the rubble,” the force said on Telegram.

Zelensky vows to find Russians behind Kramatorsk strike

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the Russian strike.

“This is not a repetition of history; this is the daily reality of our country,” the president said.

“A country bordering absolute evil. And a country that has to overcome it in order to reduce to zero the likelihood of such tragedies happening again.”

He added: “We will definitely find and punish all the perpetrators. They do not deserve mercy.”

Ukrainians face ‘tougher’ situation in east

The situation on the front lines in eastern Ukraine “has become tougher” as Russian forces push for gains that they could show on the first anniversary of their invasion, Volodymyr Zelensky said in a sombre assessment.

Russian forces were manoeuvring to try to surround the eastern city of Bakhmut, where troops were fighting building to building for gains of barely 100 metres a night amid constant Russian shelling, a soldier in a Ukrainian unit of Belarusian volunteers said from inside the city.

On Wednesday, Russian sources claimed to have completed the encirclement of the city, which has been the focus of a gruelling offensive for several weeks.

But Ukrainian soldiers told The Telegraph the claims were premature and the vital lifeline into the city was still open.


Photos show devastation

The Daily Telegraph is at the scene of the missile strike in Kramatorsk. Here are pictures from the rescue operation: 

Rescue workers are hopeful they will recover survivors
Rescue workers are hopeful they will recover survivors CREDIT: Daily Telegraph
It's thought eight buildings were destroyed
It’s thought eight buildings were destroyed CREDIT: Daily Telegraph
Police officers carry a body
Police officers carry a body CREDIT: AP
Machinery is brought in to lift building debris
Machinery is brought in to lift building debris CREDIT: Daily Telegraph


  1. Selected comments from DT readers:

    Mark Smith:
    “Pure Evil. And to think our TVs will be polluted with Russians at the next Olympics. The Olympic body should be ashamed of themselves but they’re another corrupt organisation, shilling for despots.”

    Doo Dar:
    “Russians quite deliberately targeting civilian homes. Absolutely barbaric behaviour. Their punishment must be total.”

    William McDaniel:
    “Barbaric Russians deserve an especially horrific Place in Hell.”

    Robert Flack:
    “Another abomination. This war needs to end with Russia being crushed. It is the only way.”

  2. This latest terrorist attack coincides with the EU commission visiting Ukraine. russia quite deliberately attacking civilian targets to show their anger. Let’s hope someone in the WH can wake up out of their slumber and give Ukraine everything it needs to destroy these cockroaches.

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