Officials of the Sumy OVA caught embezzling funds intended for restoration

Lesya Leshchenko21:01, 02.02.23

Officials appropriated state funds allocated to the region to eliminate the consequences of hostilities and shelling by the invaders.

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed and blocked a large-scale corruption scheme organized by the leadership of the Sumy Regional Military Administration.

According to the SBU , officials appropriated state funds allocated to the region to eliminate the consequences of hostilities and shelling by Russian occupiers, in particular, to restore infrastructure.

Among the objects that were supposed to be restored and repaired for this money are residential buildings, civilian and critical infrastructure, bridges and roads that were destroyed as a result of enemy shelling.

The SBU reported that for this, the attackers entered into contracts for restoration and construction work with five affiliated commercial structures.

The SBU found that the businessmen deliberately included in the estimate documentation the prices for building materials, which were 2-3 times higher than the market prices.

“Their acquisition took place through specially created “gasket firms” by dealers. In particular, it is documented that during the repair of one object, the attackers appropriated UAH 1.4 million. At the moment, examinations are ongoing for another 80 similar objects. and the residence of the defendants, law enforcement officers found draft documentation, mobile phones and computer equipment with evidence of illegal activity.








“Suspicion has been announced under the following articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: part 5 of article 191 (appropriation, embezzlement of property or taking it by abuse of official position, committed by prior conspiracy by a group of persons, on an especially large scale, under martial law); part 1 article 366 (official forgery),” the message says.

Theft of funds and corruption

As UNIAN reported earlier, Oleg Muratov, deputy head of the OVA, was detained in Odessa, who  demanded $35,000 in swag from his subordinate in order to “resolve” the issue with law enforcement officers and close the criminal proceedings. This proceeding is being investigated against officials on the fact of appropriation of state property.

Earlier, on January 21, the Ministry of Infrastructure announced the detention by law enforcement officers of acting. Minister for the Development of Communities and Territories Vasily Lozinsky. They added that he would be fired. The reason for the detention of a top official is the theft of budget money.

Also  , the Office of the Prosecutor General reported the suspicion to the former deputy director of the public procurement department of the Ministry of Defense Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the former deputy defense minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov and the former deputy of the Promoboronexport state enterprise Vladimir Tereshchenko. All of them were responsible for concluding contracts to provide the Armed Forces with protective equipment.

In addition, at the disposal of the media was a video of the seizure of a large amount of cash during searches of the former Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Mironyuk. Almost a million dollars were found in his sofa, according to the publication UP, to which law enforcement officers handed over the corresponding record.

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