Lavrov answered his scandalous words about Moldova (video)

Olga Robeyko15:35, 02.02.23

Russia is not satisfied with the new course announced by Moldova.

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry responded to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on his scandalous statement about Moldova, about its course towards NATO. The representative of the Moldovan Foreign Ministry, Daniel Voda, stressed that his country will go to the EU.

“We categorically reject the statements of the head of Russian diplomacy, which do not correspond to reality and are part of the already well-known threatening rhetoric of Russian diplomacy. We would like to remind the Russian side that the path Moldova is following is the path to joining the EU,” Voda said. .

He stressed that Moldova as a state and its citizens strive for peace, freedom and democracy. And this decision, like the desire to join the EU, must be respected.

“The Republic of Moldova has clearly chosen its future, and this future is to be part of the free world,” Voda added.


What Lavrov said about Moldova

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that after Ukraine, Moldova allegedly fell under the influence of the West.

Propagandist Kiselyov directly asked Putin’s henchman which country might be Russia’s next “target”, mentioning Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. But Lavrov began to threaten Moldova because its president, Maia Sandu, took a course to the West. hinted that Moldova could become the next victim of the Russian Federation

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    • Considering the current strength of Poopin’s war criminals they might be able to take the tiny nation of Moldova which has no army. It looks to me like Poopin is trying to conjure up a Plan B since he’s getting spanked in beautiful Ukraine.

      • That would be a catastrophe for Ukraine. Because it would likely mean that Ukraine had fallen; certainly Odesa.
        That is, unless they fancy their chances with a takeover from Transnistria.
        The horror must be stopped in Ukraine.
        To avoid a bloodbath, the allies have to triple or preferably quadruple their current inadequate efforts.

        • Nah, you’re reading too much into my statement. Poopin could pull out of Ukraine and still move on Moldova via Transnistria or his brother state Hungary. That’s what Plan B’s are for, when Plan A’s don’t work.

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