Kyiv will continue the construction of a wave pedestrian bridge on Obolon

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klychko said that the capital will continue the construction of a pedestrian bridge from the Obolonsky Embankment to the Obolonsky Island, which will be implemented from 2020 at the expense of philanthropic funds.

Transmits  the Industrial Portal  with a link to the  Central Bank of Ukraine .

“We do not attract money from the city budget,” the mayor emphasized.

Klitschko added that Kyiv received funds for the continuation of construction from the Metropolis of Greater Paris. These are targeted funds that foreign partners have allocated for the construction of this very object. 

At the beginning of 2023, 3 piers of the bridge have already been installed and the installation of the fourth has begun, materials have been purchased. With the funds provided by the Metropolis of Greater Paris, the installation of the 4th pillar of the bridge will be completed, auxiliary and partially supporting structures will be purchased and installed, and metal structures will be purchased.

According to the project, the bridge will rest on 4 piers, two of which are located in the strait. The width of the pedestrian facility will be 4 m, and the length will be 164 m. The bridge will be comfortable for people with reduced mobility.

The facility will not interfere with the passage of small vessels to Obolon Bay.

“Obolonsky Island will be developed as a modern recreation area for Kyivans with the preservation of flora and fauna,” added the Mayor of Kyiv.



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