Bodies Scattered on Street: AFU Show Destruction Of Occupiers Near Bakhmut

The Ukrainian military defeated the enemy in an attempt to storm the town


Eleven months after Russia launched its invasion, Bakhmut and the areas around it have become the centre of intense fighting.

Despite numerous losses, the Russian Federation is increasing the number of its troops every day and is launching new attacks on the town almost every hour. However, all to no avail, the AFU are defending every inch of Ukrainian land and fighting the enemy back. As, for example, in the video, which was published by Ukrainian activist Serhiy Sternenko on his Telegram page. According to him, the footage was shot somewhere in the vicinity of Bakhmut. It is likely that the Russian invaders were once again making a breakthrough, but as we can see it was all to no avail.


        • I once saw a video in the early stages of the war. There were the remains of a dead orc lying in a depression. With the dead orc was a dog family – a mother and a few somewhat big puppies. The adult dog was watching the cameraman above while the puppies were chewing on the orc. You could clearly see the guy’s ribs and other bones. It looked like they were living there for a while, eating on the orc, bit-by-bit, every day.

    • I saw him too. I was thinking that the dog will get himself some dinner. There’s plenty of dog food lying around now.

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