“We’ll have to conquer them”: threats to the Baltic countries exploded on RosTV (video)

Marta Gichko09:20, 01.02.23

The Kremlin mouthpieces are sure that the governments of these countries should be Russified.

On the air of the federal channel of the Russian Federation, the Baltic countries again undertook to threaten. This time, on the air of a propaganda program , Vitaly Tretyakov, professor, dean of the Higher School of Television at Moscow State University, said that Russia would “conquer” the neighboring countries if they did not “bend” under it.

According to the NeShutki Telegram channel, Tretyakov said that the Baltic countries are “Russia’s passage to the Baltic Sea.” Therefore, he demands that there be “Russian representatives” in the governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

“Put political conditions on these countries, their leadership, let them know who is behind them, so that they know that they must in any case do as we told them. Otherwise, they will have to be conquered,” the disgraced Russian said.

Tretyakov also added that this was his “proposal”. The propagandist Solovyov, in response, dismissively questioned the statehood of the Baltic countries. “Why are we talking about the statehood of these territories as an accomplished fact?” the propagandist asked.

https://www.unian.net/player/ku5Z7DbCRosTV said they would “conquer” the Baltic countries

Rospropaganda in action

In the Russian Federation, the mass zombification of the population with nonsense about Ukraine, Europe and the United States continues. Now propagandists have resorted to influencing society through magicians, psychics and other scammers. Previously, such “experts” on the air of the federal channel convinced the Russians that their country would become  an “oasis of light” and there would be no Ukraine.

Most recently, a janitor appeared on the air of one of the federal channels, to whom  Vanga “came” . Instead of sending the man to a psychiatrist, Russian propaganda invited him as a guest on one of the talk shows. 

Then Russian propaganda realized that it had already zombified the population with the prophecies of “grandfather Vanga”, and now they also found the  “envoy of Vanga”  from Afghanistan. He allegedly “prophesied” the approaching fall of the European Union.

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