White House defends decision not to transfer F-16s to Ukraine – CNN

Ludmila Zhernovskaya02:58, 01/31/23

Kirby focused on the aid the US is already providing.

White House National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby defended the decision not to transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine .

Commenting on the decision of the administration of President Joe Biden, he recalled that the United States of America is providing other assistance to Ukraine, including the transfer of Abrams tanks, writes CNN . “What I can tell you is that there will be a lot of funds sent in the coming weeks and months,” Kirby said.

He believes that the decision to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine was not taken too late, even against the backdrop of reports of Russian seizure of a number of settlements in eastern Ukraine.

“The decision on tanks – and not just the US, but the Germans, and before that the British – was really designed to help Ukraine get ahead of the fighting we think … is expected in the spring. It was one of those times when we try to predict needs of Ukraine when the weather improves and we can expect the Russians to try to take the offensive,” Kirby added.

F-16 fighters for Ukraine

As you know, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly called on the allies to transfer fighter jets to help the army resist Russian aggression. Combat fighters are included in the list of weapons that cannot be “unlocked” yet.

On January 30, United States President Joe Biden told reporters that they  would not transfer fighter jets to Ukraine .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands reported that they were ready to consider the possibility  of supplying F-16s if Ukraine made such a request.

Poland also announced the  readiness to transfer the F-16 to Ukraine  . The condition for this is US permission.

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    • Factory fresh if they turn out 4 a month, it will take almost 8 months to produce the 31 tanks.
      Operating reactionary instead of being pro-active is no way to fight a war.

  1. There is no need to predict the weather and the Russian will try to counter any prediction you make. Simply send the equipment as early as possible so it will be ready when needed.

    Didn’t we all learn to try and get our work done early so we don’t have to panic and risk missing the deadline. Why take that risk?

  2. I can’t believe that this is our presidential administration. They are all cowards and just plain dazed and confused. Maybe they secretly want mafia land to win? Do they even know what in the hell they want to achieve?

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