Ukrainian ports handled almost 60 million tons of cargo last year

The ports controlled by the Ukrainian authorities handled more than 59 million tons of various cargoes in the most difficult conditions in 2022.

The leader in terms of nomenclature was grain crops, of which 28.8 million tons were shipped.

The ports of the Danube Delta were especially distinguished, which managed to block the indicators of 2021 several times, while the ports of Greater Odessa reduced the volumes several times due to a full-scale invasion.

According to the USPA, the Danube ports have shown the best results in all the years of independence. In particular, the Rhenian port increased its cargo transshipment figures by five times – at the end of the year it amounted to 6.82 million tons – against 1.37 in 2021. The port of Izmail more than doubled its transshipment volumes to 8.82 million tons, compared to 4 million tons in 2021. Ust-Dunaisk was able to handle 785,000 tons, against 64,000 tons a year earlier.

The signing of the “grain initiative” allowed the ports of Big Odessa to start working from August 1, which managed to export more than 16 million tons of agricultural products to 40 countries of the world. This figure would be much higher if it were not for the sabotage of the Russian inspectors who detain ships in the Bosphorus.


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