Them or Us?

Robin Horsfall. Jan 31

It is time that the International Olympic Committee made it clear that Russia would not be permitted to attend the 2024 Paris Olympics while they were occupying Ukrainian territory and engaged in war. The democratic nations of the world have to make a firm stand and show unity regarding the Russian invasion of a member state. Although such a move would be symbolic it would add to the increasing pressure on Russia to withdraw. Russia has previously been banned for state sponsored cheating with performance enhancing drugs and it didn’t sit well in the Kremlin.

The influences of professionalism and marketing have long since become the norm in Athletics. The Olympic committee must be shown that allowing Russia to participate would create a financial disaster in France. Investors will withdraw, advertisers will pull their promotions, sponsors will run scared and the paying public would be loathe to attend if Russian athletes are competing.

The world cannot seriously expect anyone to live and compete with a nation that is currently engaged in war crimes. The nations supporting Ukraine should stand together and give the committee a ‘them or us’ ultimatum, now!

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares

Robin Horsfall


  1. The IOC, FIFA, EUFA are all rotten to the core, and the most corrupt organisations in sport. It is time these organisations had a thorough investigation to reveal all the russian bribes.

    • Any country competing is working directly for Russian interests.
      Off topic: Telegraph now :

      “Rishi Sunak has ruled out sending fighter jets to Ukraine on the grounds that it is “not practical”.

      A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said: “The UK’s … fighter jets are extremely sophisticated and take months to learn how to fly. Given that, we believe it is not practical to send those jets into Ukraine.

      “We will continue to discuss with our allies about what we think what is the right approach.”

      It comes as Boris Johnson is scheduled to speak at a number of Republican events on Tuesday where he is expected to press the issue of aid to Ukraine.

      Last night, Joe Biden ruled out sending advanced F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, rejecting pleas from Volodymyr Zelensky.”

      I presume they mean Typhoons and F35’s?
      There are a couple a squadrons of retired Tornadoes doing nothing. He could send them. Ukr pilots could master them in weeks.
      It looks like Rishi is acting under orders from Biden.
      This is very bad; I hope this issue has not been kicked into touch.

  2. “We will continue to discuss with our allies about what we think what is the right approach.”

    That is the problem, not the solution. Politicians should not pretend they are war generals. If Politicians would have listened to Poroshenko and Zelensky before 24 February we would not be in such a deadly war as we are now.
    So it takes time to train, so what? Do it now and it will help prevent future war crimes. Its not like ruzzia is going to melt away in 4 months though I wish they would.

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