The first gas-fired cogeneration plant in Ukraine started operation in Irpen

Grigory Bondar15:42, 01/31/23

Kievoblgaz built a medium-pressure gas pipeline for a 1 MW gas piston power plant. This is the first such installation, which will be the beginning of the creation of a distributed power generation system in Ukraine. 

In the conditions of constant blackouts, the gas cogeneration plant will become a reliable backup source of electricity for the central boiler house of the Teploenergopostach checkpoint, which provides heat to 70% of the inhabitants of Irpen. In March, a similar power plant will be launched in Chernihiv, then in the Sumy and Poltava regions. It is expected that about 100 such units will be installed. 

For the speedy connection of the gas installation to the gas pipeline, new technologies introduced by the Regional Gas Company were used, including RGC GIS and SIMONE software products. 

“In order to provide the installation with gas, we laid a gas pipeline to it and carried out a hydraulic calculation using the Czech SIMONE software package, which significantly accelerated the design work and the laying of gas networks,” says Ruslan Pisanko, Acting Chairman of the Board of Kyivoblgaz JSC. 

In addition to the boiler house, the lyceums “Lingvist”, “Mriya” and the lyceum of innovative technologies, as well as kindergarten No. 1 “Forest Song”, the Irpin City Council and the Irpin State Tax Inspectorate will receive electricity from the generator. 

“The possibility of connecting three medical institutions to the generator is also being considered – the city polyclinic, the city children’s polyclinic and the outpatient clinic for general practice of family medicine No. 1. Approximately 900 kW of power is needed for all facilities,” says Alexander Markushin, mayor of Irpin. 

The cogeneration plant was provided to the Irpin community by a charitable foundation from Austria. This is one of the first examples of small distributed generation in Ukraine, which the government decided to rely on. It is less vulnerable to missile attacks and is easier to repair if damaged.

In the near future, it is planned to install 100 gas generators that will power the most critical facilities, such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens, – said Andriy Gerus, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Utilities. 

Gas distribution companies operating under the RGC brand are already ready to gasify such small power plants and reliably deliver natural gas to them. They have technical expertise and have access to the technologies of leading gas equipment manufacturers, as well as the experience of European timing operators. 

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