Putin introduced “full” martial law in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

Anastasia Gorbacheva15:34, 01/31/23

The head of the Kremlin also allowed the introduction of an indefinite threat level in the border areas.The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin lifted the restrictions on the timing of the introduction of levels of terrorist threat in the border areas. He signed the corresponding decree

It is noted that earlier the terrorist threat level was set for no more than 15 days, which is why it had to be constantly extended. The last time it was extended was on January 20.

In addition, the head of the Kremlin instructed to strengthen the inspection and control of transport in the border areas, where a regime of territorial threat has been established. The car will be searched for weapons and explosives.

What terrorist threat levels have the Kremlin set:

  • martial law has been introduced in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, which provides for restrictions on the movement of local residents;
  • in the border regions, including in the occupied Crimea, the protection of public order has been strengthened, a “special regime” has been introduced in transport, freedom of movement has been restricted, and “temporary resettlement” of people has been applied to supposedly safe areas;
  • law enforcement has been strengthened in 18 regions of the Southern and Central federal districts of the Russian Federation, a “special regime” has been introduced for transport and energy infrastructure facilities;
  • in other regions of the Russian Federation in October they introduced a “level of basic readiness” mode.

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  1. God bless the “Wolverines” keep them safe and give them favor. May the rashists be caught off guard and blinded to their actions.

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