France will give Ukraine a batch of 12 CAESAR howitzers: what is known

Katerina Schwartz17:14, 01/31/23

In total, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were promised 12 self-propelled guns.

France will send another batch of CAESAR self-propelled artillery mounts (ACS) to Ukraine, Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said .

In total, 12 howitzers will be handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

France also intends to send a group of military personnel to Poland who will train Ukrainian fighters.

“France will give Ukraine 12 additional Caesar howitzers and send 150 soldiers to Poland to train 600 Ukrainians a month, and by the summer – only 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers,” Lecornu said.

ACS CAESAR – howitzer features

CAESAR (“Caesar”) is a French 155-mm self-propelled artillery mount (ACS), designed to destroy manpower, as well as artillery batteries. to provide passages in minefields and field barriers.

The artillery part of the installation is a 155-mm howitzer with a barrel length of 52 calibers.

Other features of the CAESAR ACS:

  • can use the entire range of 155-mm NATO shells with cluster inclusive;
  • maximum fire distance – 42 km;
  • ammunition – 18 shells;
  • fires 6 shots per minute.

The howitzer is also known to use the FAST-Hit fire control system, which is automated with GPS tracking.

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