The latest video of Pavlo from Ukraine

Ordinary life continues:

Pavlo and his friends have launched a new channel. Here is their first effort. It’s a really good and rather moving vox pop. :-


Meanwhile the genocidal fascist dictatorship that is inflicting unbearable death and misery upon them has many friends in media and politics in the west who do their best to demonize these fine people.

Let’s take today’s example : David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who has millions of followers worldwide. He’s been around for longer than Alex Jones and is just as evil, or worse even. He is of course a rabid anti-Semite who believes the world is run by the Rothschilds, the late Queen Elizabeth and a race of alien lizards.

Icke has just unleashed a crazed rant that is unbelievable even coming from him. He describes Zelensky as “an evil, evil man”, “a psychopath”, “a puppet dictator” …. and so on ad nauseum.

I don’t recommend it, but here’s a link to his filth (you might have to watch a two minute ad to get to it) :-

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  1. Filthy, brainless morons never got completely eliminated when Nazi Germany was defeated. These festering boils of bacteria, like David Icke, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Vlad Putler et al have long been a scourge of humanity, as we see, even now, in the 21st century. Humanity cannot advance to a higher level as long as such fascist/communist/mafia creatures exist.

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