Sky News: Britain’s army will not be able to defend the country in case of war for another decade

Yana Stavskaya09:23, 01/30/23

Sunak is at risk of failing as prime minister if he does not take urgent action in the face of the growing threat from Russia and Putin, according to the military department.

A senior US general has privately told Defense Secretary Ben Wallace that the British Army is no longer considered a top-tier fighting force, Defense Department sources told Sky News .

According to the Americans, London should have taken care of building up military capacities after the start of the Russian war against Ukraine. However, now “it is a whole service, unable to protect the UK and the allies for a decade.”

Rishi Sunak is at risk of failing as prime minister if he doesn’t take urgent action given the growing security threat from Russia and Putin, military officials say.

The British Ministry of Defense identified the main problems of their army:

  • The British Armed Forces will run out of ammunition “in a few days” after the start of the fighting.
  • The UK is unable to protect its skies from the missile and drone strikes that Ukraine endures.
  • It will take five to ten years for an army to be able to field a combat division of 25,000 to 30,000 men backed by tanks, artillery and helicopters.
  • About 30% of the British high-readiness forces are reservists who cannot mobilize within the deadlines set by NATO.
  • Most of the army’s fleet of armored vehicles, including tanks, was created 30 to 60 years ago, and a complete replacement is not expected in the coming years.

Officials are worried that Sunak, while announcing the transfer of new types of weapons to Ukraine, in turn is silent about plans to replenish British military depots. Currently, the British army has only 76 thousand people, but the force will be reduced even more – to 73 thousand people

Military assistance from Britain – current

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Britain – then the Johnson government – along with the United States, Poland and the Baltic states has played a leading role in transferring weapons to Ukraine .

Britain ‘s position has not weakened since Finance Minister Rishi Sunak came to the post of prime minister . Recently, London, one of the first in the world, announced the transfer of Challenger 2 battle tanks to Ukraine . Training of Ukrainian crews is already starting in the country.

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  1. The bullet points are all wrong. Who wrote this; RaT?
    The UK spends more than 2% of its GDP on defence and it is still the world’s sixth largest economy. Unfortunately we spend 0.7% on “overseas aid”, which is a euphemism for giving £billions to shit countries that hate us. All of that £30bn needs to go to Ukraine right now.

    • I have no doubt this was said to Sky News. Why attack them?

      The military is simply posturing for a budget increase.

      This is the same as the US Air Force saying “War in China in Two Years”.

      I suspect that British armor is good enough for now. The US wants new systems too.

      How about some joint development so there is a NATO standard beyond ammunition and shared development/production costs.

      There is no analysis about what might be done … this is just a give us cash plea to prepare against people’s reactions when they hear the news.

    • Yeah, they make it sound like the ruzzians would just skip right through the Baltic and Nordic countries and hit the UK. WWIII started when Poopin started getting supplies from Iran.

  2. Well, even if this is all true, the UK won’t need to worry about an enemy attacking it after Ukraine demolished the mafia army.

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