Poland can transfer its F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, there is one condition – Morawiecki


Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

Poland is ready to transfer its F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. However, such a decision should be supported by NATO partners.

Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki announced this at a press conference. According to him, any aircraft can be implemented, but in coordination with the countries of the Alliance.

“As it was a few months ago in the context of MiGs, any other aircraft will be implemented and, possibly, transferred in coordination with NATO countries. Here we will act in full coordination,” Morawiecki said, answering whether Poland will transfer its F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak commented on the relevant information, also noting that our state has received positive signals from Poland.

“Work on obtaining F-16 fighters continues. There are positive signals from Poland, which is ready to give them to us in coordination with NATO. Tanks, fighters are an excellent company to turn Russian enemies into fertilizer,” Yermak wrote.

Recall: military expert Roman Svitan said that the Western allies began to announce the provision of heavy armored vehicles to Ukraine, which will help in the counteroffensive against the Russian occupying army. However, while the Ukrainian army lacks air cover – attack helicopters and aircraft.

According to the expert, despite the absence of official statements, the issue of providing Ukraine with modern fighters has been resolved conceptually.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

– the Dutch government will consider the possibility of transferring F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine if Kiev makes a corresponding request;

– the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Kuleba, hinted that work on the transfer of military aircraft by partners to Ukraine has already begun . In particular, we are talking about F-16 fighters.

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  1. Poland is an amazing country! It’s taking over the leadership in the defense of democracy and freedom, as the usual big ones that used to do this – France, Germany and the US – have relented their leadership positions.

    “Tanks, fighters are an excellent company to turn Russian enemies into fertilizer,” Yermak wrote.

    What better incentive is there than that?! Ukraine has a great agricultural sector, and more fertilizer is at least one positive aspect of having so many cockroaches in the country.

    • Poland yes indeed.
      France and Germany contributing to the defence of democracy and freedom? Replace the word “defense” with “destruction” and it reads correct!
      Even under Joe, The US is still the the most important by far.
      But I have frequently expressed the strong desire for the existing tripartite agreement between Ukraine, Poland and Britain to be fully militarized and for both to join the war.
      This could well have the effect of encouraging other powers to join in.
      After all, Ukraine is currently in a similar position to that of Poland in 1939.

  2. I have a certain amount of bias but Poland is an amazing country.
    Poland and the Baltic states have driven the moral argument to support Ukraine, filling a near-vacuum.Vocal pressure from Eastern and Central Europe was crucial to the decisions this week, after months of wrangling and resistance, to give Western tanks to Ukraine.
    The e balance of power in Europe is shifting, along with its centre, away from “Old Europe,” which valued and cultivated its ties to Moscow, to the newer members to the east and north, with their raw memories of Soviet occupation and their reluctance to cede chunks of their reestablished sovereignty to Brussels.

    • Since even before the war started, Poland was at the forefront … a trailblazer in supporting Ukraine however it can. No, even years ago, Poland was a spearhead of Realpolitik. They’ve continuously warned the rest of Sleepy Hollow (Europe) about the dangers of mafia land. Poland was the first nation to hand weapons over to Ukraine. It was Poland’s constant pressure that got ole wobbly in the WH and the cream puff in Berlin to finally agree on the tank issue. Now, Poland is taking the reins about combat aircraft. Poland is on a roll. It’s making everyone else look pathetic. It has my deepest respect.

      • Agree with most of what you said Sir OFP, wondering however what weapons you are referring to that you say Poland delivered before anyone else. Much love to Poland they are becoming a political and military powerhouse and have been a true friend to Ukraine.

        • Well, Bill, I’ll have to retract my claim. I know I read it somewhere before, but this was back in February and try as I may, I cannot find the article anymore. I wanted to send you a link of it.
          I do know that Poland sent weapons in February, but this doesn’t mean it was first, only one of the first.

          • I tried to look pretty thoroughly as well, but even if not officially, Poland was among if not THE first through back channels. 🙂 Polish arms dealers were utilized a lot in 2014 and their support has been growing exponentially ever since.

  3. NATO should provide Kiev with counteroffensive capabilities that can match with Iranian ballistic missiles. If that’s F-16s, fine. If not, what?

    Anyone exporting ballistic missiles to be used against civilians should fear the consequences or the world will suffer.

    If it’s not clear that Russia will help Iran develop their nuclear capability in exchange for missiles now to be used against Ukraine, then what planet are you living on?

    So then what?

    There really needs to be a global response and the UN is not working. Shut it down and create something else.

    • “…the UN is not working. Shut it down and create something else.”

      Our opinion on here for quite some time. Everything else you said is also spot on.

  4. Lithuania was the only government directly providing lethal weapons to Ukraine since 2014. Other countries including the U.S. supplied lethal weapons to Ukraine through commercial arms sales particularly through Polish and Bulgarian traders.

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