France and Australia agreed on the production of 155-mm shells for Ukraine: the number is named – media

Veronika Prokhorenko18:22, 01/30/23

The Australian Defense Minister called the deal a “multi-million dollar project,” while the French defense minister hinted at the amount of ammunition.

France and Australia have agreed on joint cooperation in the production and supply  of 155-mm shells for Ukraine as part of the support of partners in countering Russian aggression. 

This was announced on Monday, January 30, by French Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu, according to the local edition 20 minutes . He noted that we are talking about the production of “several thousand” shells.

“Several thousand 155-mm shells will be produced jointly,” he said.

Also, Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles called this agreement a “multi-million dollar project” between the Australian and French defense industries. 

Deliveries of ammunition from partners of Ukraine

On January 24,  Germany agreed  to transfer 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. 

However, according to media reports, Ukraine’s partners may have logistical difficulties in supplying tanks to Ukraine due to the different material and technical base of the Challenger 2 and European German-made Leopard 2 tanks. 

Now there are certain discussions among the allies of Ukraine on the provision of ammunition for Ukraine. A few days ago, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva turned down a German request to sell ammunition for Leopard tanks.

In the meantime, Estonia has decided to transfer  cluster munitions  for 155-mm howitzers to Ukraine, which Tallinn had previously announced for Kiev. 

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