Former KGB Officer: Insider In Kremlin Discloses Secret Information about Putin

There are more information leak vulnerabilities


The US may indeed have an insider who discloses secret information about the head of the Kremlin, Putin. Russian opposition leader and former KGB officer Sergei Zhirnov stated this in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Natasha Vlashchenko.

“If the forever drunk Medvedev writes his posts on Telegram, then it is quite possible that the smartphone from which he does this can be already hacked to receive full access. In general, they say in Russia that it is better not to use Western and Chinese phones, because the special services of the producing countries can access these phones, computers, etc.,” Mr Zhirnov said.

Sergei Zhirnov also stressed that there are security requirements in Russia of course, but no one complies with it. The Russians use Western and Chinese chips and insert them into Russian computers, simply because they don’t produce them in their country, and they have to do it.

“I do not exclude the option that it’s easy to get all their information,” the expert repeated his thought.


  1. “I do not exclude the option that it’s easy to get all their information,”

    We did know, after all, when mafia land was going to attack Ukraine … and many other military infos from the cockroaches. Maybe we know other facts that would be the cause for the constant delays of weapons for Ukraine?

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