Crimea will never be Ukraine again – Croatian President

Yuri Kobzar18:40, 01/30/23

Zoran Milanovic is confident that Russia will not give up Crimea even if it loses the war.

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said that Crimea will never return to Ukrainian control, as Russia will use nuclear weapons if it starts losing the war. 

Milanovic made his statement at a meeting with the media , during which he compared the annexation of Crimea with the separation of Kosovo from Serbia.

“When will you understand that Serbia and Russia are not the same thing? That this, unfortunately, is a painful fact and a danger,” he said. 

According to the Croatian president, the international community “annexed Kosovo”, allegedly taking it away from Serbia. 

“The same goes for Crimea. Crimea will never be Ukraine again. This is what leading German generals say,” Milanovic said.

The Croatian president argued his opinion by saying that “Russia is a dangerous country” with nuclear weapons, so it will not give up Crimea the way it happened in the case of Serbia and Kosovo.

“You are comparing the Serbs to the world’s nuclear superpower. Crazy emotions and hatred put Europe in great danger. We are getting deeper and deeper into conflict with the superpower. You know what happens when they start losing the war? They use nuclear weapons,” Milanovic said.

War in Ukraine – the position of Croatia

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has a reputation as a pro-Russian politician, which is confirmed by his statements to the Russian Federation and Ukraine. After the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Croatian prime minister said that he had stopped communicating with Milanovic because of his pro-Russian position.

At the same time, Croatia, as a member of the EU, supported all European sanctions against Russia and began to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

In the fall, President Milanović blocked Croatian participation in a pan-European military mission to train Ukrainian soldiers. However, the country’s government was able to get around this ban and allowed the training of the Ukrainian military on Croatian territory.

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  1. “The same goes for Crimea. Crimea will never be Ukraine again. This is what leading German generals say,”

    What this little pee on doesn’t know, is that today’s German general is equivalent to a second lieutenant in a real army. Ergo, they know very little about military matters.

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