The singer revealed the name of Putin’s lover (video)

Violetta Orlova 04:15, 01/29/23 UNIAN

Putin liked to have fun with young guys in his youth.

Putin's main secret was leaked to the media / Screenshot
Putin’s main secret was leaked to the media / Screenshot

Russian President Vladimir Putin , even in his youth, had a special sympathy for men, said opera singer and former State Duma deputy Maria Maksakova.

According to her, among the possible lovers was the Russian cellist Sergei Roldugin, who eventually made a fortune for himself.

The media calls Roldugin Putin’s “purse”. In comments to propagandists, the businessman called Putin “just a brother”: “Before, when I had nowhere to go, I went to him, and I slept and ate with him.”

According to Novaya Gazeta’s investigation, Roldugin’s offshore companies entered into multi-billion dollar contracts with Rosneft, Rostelecom, VTB, KamAZ, and AvtoVAZ. A friend of Putin was accused in his homeland, albeit behind the scenes, of laundering and embezzling state funds .

According to the singer, the closeness of Putin and Roldugin pointed to something bigger and more intimate. “In his youth, Putin, in order to hide from his wife, with his close friend Roldugin, found a warm nest with Ekaterina Nikitina (Roldugin’s wife), who even built a whole bathhouse in this apartment,” the singer said.

Nikita’s apartment was next door to the apartment of another friend of Putin’s, Sobchak, and for the future Russian dictator, this was a convenient argument in front of his wife. “It was no secret to anyone at the Mariinsky Theater what Roldugin was,” Maksakova replied.

Earlier, ex-State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev claimed that Putin is most likely bisexual . His entourage even suspected the Kremlin head of relations with Dmitry Medvedev.

Putin’s strange behavior in front of the public – memorable episodes

In February 2022, at a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Putin fenced off his colleague by a couple of tens of meters. Both dictators also drank champagne at a distance.

In the summer, during the Economic Forum in Moscow, Putin was sad and biting his nails . And in 2019, the Russian “Fuhrer” was ridiculed by his own citizens for an unsuccessful joke about sex .*MTY3NDk2NzczOS4zNDAuMS4xNjc0OTY4NTM0LjM4LjAuMA..


  1. It’s an open secret that along with an evil, distorted mind, this little dictator is also a pervert, being gay and a pedophile. There seems to be nothing normal in this sick bastard.

    • It would not surprise me if Putin is Bi. As I understand, he’s living with a woman not his wife as well. The man is as depraved as anyone he criticizes.

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