Scholz opposed the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine

Irina Pogorelaya12:40, 01/29/23

He warned against raising the stakes on arms supplies.

The question of the possible provision of fighter jets to Ukraine does not even arise at present.

This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an interview with  Tagesspiegel . Commenting on calls from Kyiv, including former Ukrainian ambassador Andriy Melnyk, for fighter jets, Scholz warned against “entering into a constant race to raise the stakes when it comes to weapons systems.”

“If, immediately after the decision is made, another debate begins in Germany, this is not too serious and undermines the confidence of citizens in the decisions of the government,” the German chancellor explained his position, referring to the decision to supply tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He stressed that decisions on military assistance to Ukraine are made in such a way as to prevent a direct clash between NATO and the Russian Federation.

“The German Chancellor, who takes his oath seriously, must do everything to ensure that Russia’s war against Ukraine does not turn into a war between Russia and NATO,” Scholz said, adding that he “will not allow such an escalation.”

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  1. Unfortunately, there is no cure for hard-core stupidity. This goes for virtually all of Germany’s political caste, and especially the scrotumless Olaf Scholz.

    • There is an obvious pattern of putinazi control of kraut leaders. Remember “there is no military solution?” That corpulent putnazi skank Merkel led the EU coalition against a military response, which the Kenyan Marxist gratefully concurred with. Now fuhrer Schulz is playing the Nato card; an organization that his shit country contributed less than half of what it is supposed to. He regards the defense of Ukraine as a tremendous inconvenience to his future putler groveling plans.
      This blocking will play into the hands of Biden and his “just enough” policy, just at a time when there needs to be someone of integrity in Europe other than Poland, the UK, the Balts, Bulgaria, Czechia and Slovakia.

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