Scholz expressed a desire to continue direct negotiations with Putin

Irina Pogorelaya08:36, 01/29/23

He noted that the talks should be about how the world gets out of this terrible situation.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will seek to end the war in Ukraine through direct negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“I will again speak with Putin on the phone, because we need to talk to each other. It is Putin who must withdraw troops from Ukraine and stop this terrible senseless war, which has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives,” the German chancellor said,  Welt reported .

Scholz said that until the Russian Federation stops aggression against Ukraine, this situation will not change.

As Scholz noted, earlier telephone conversations with Putin “have not been unkind in tone,” but he has repeatedly made it clear that he wants to “annex the territories of a neighboring country by force,” and the chancellor called this “unacceptable.”

“From time to time, we discussed the issues of the exchange of prisoners, the export of grain from Ukraine and the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. But it is important that the negotiations return to the topical issue: how the world can get out of this terrible situation. The prerequisite for this is obvious: the withdrawal of Russian troops,” Scholz emphasized. .

German aid to Ukraine

On January 20,  Germany announced the  delivery of a new one billion euro military aid package to Ukraine. This is the largest single amount of assistance that Kyiv has previously received from Berlin.

At the same time, Germany very difficultly agreed to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine. 

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  1. Unfortunately, there is no cure for hard-core stupidity. This goes especially for virtually all of Germany’s political caste.

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