Poland Recruits Record Number Of Soldiers Following Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

January 28, 2023

Polish soldiers participate in a NATO military exercise near Orzysz, Poland, in May 2022.

Poland’s armed forces have recruited the largest number of soldiers since it ended conscription in 2008 as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked greater interest in defending the homeland. Poland recruited more than 13,500 professional soldiers last year, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on January 28. The number is equivalent to about 8 percent of Poland’s total armed forces of 164,000. Poland, which borders the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, intends to increase its armed forces to 300,000 professional soldiers in the coming years.

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  1. Ukraine and Poland, along with the Baltic States, the Czech Republic and perhaps Slovakia will likely create a military alliance after the war is won. It will be a powerful force and a necessary one, seeing the lackluster and weak NATO we currently have. Unless useless entities like Hungary and Germany are thrown out, it’s not likely to change much.

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