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Elena Kovalenko 20:15, 01/29/23

There are no visible damages on the territory of the plant.

The plant for the production of “Shaheds” in the Iranian city of Isfahan did not come under attack.

According to Defense Express , citing satellite imagery, there is no visible damage to the plant.

As stated in the material, earlier information appeared that it was this enterprise that was attacked on January 28 at about 23:30 local time. Satellite photos were taken after the attack – January 29 at 10:10 local time.VIDEO OF THE DAYplay video

photo Defense Express
photo Defense Express
photo Defense Express
photo Defense Express

There is no damage in the pictures. Defense Express publishes a snapshot from November 26, 2022 for comparison. During this time, two more hangars were built at the enterprise, but the destruction or any significant damage to the Shahed-136 production plant is not visible.

“Iran places all critical and important production facilities underground. And we are talking about underground complexes. And to defeat them, it is necessary to use special high-capacity concrete-piercing ammunition,” the material says.

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