Explosions rumble at strategic facilities in Iran, Air Force put on full alert

Katerina Chernovol04:01, 01/29/23

Explosions thunder in different parts of the country.

A series of powerful explosions were heard in Iran at strategic facilities. Attacks on military depots, an ammunition production center and an airbase are reported. 

According to the IRNA news agency, a large factory for the production of motor oils caught fire in the city of Shahid-Salimi in the province of East Azerbaijan.

At the same time, the Tasnim agency reports that a military warehouse in the central province of Isfahan and a center for the production of ammunition were also attacked by drones.

Military warehouse in Isfahan, which was hit / photo t.me/yigal_levin 
Military warehouse in Isfahan, which was hit / photo t.me/yigal_levin 

An explosion is also reported at an air base in the city of Dizful in western Iran, explosions and fires in the cities of Hamadan (western Iran) and Rasht (north of the country). The sounds of explosions are heard in the Iranian capital – Tehran. Eyewitnesses note that planes were raised into the sky above the city.

Updated: IDF officer Yigal Levin reports that the Air Force of the Iranian Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are on full alert.

It is also reported that the Internet was completely turned off in Iran.

Middle Eastern sources report that Israel launched a military operation against Iran. However, neither the Israeli government nor the military made such statements officially.

Updated 03:25: “Iranian opposition reports destroyed underground tunnel with IRGC missiles,” writes Yigal Levin. 

Updated 03:30: One of the Iranian officials said that at 23:30 Israel struck military factories in the city of Isfahan. According to him, all attacks were repelled by air defense forces.

As Yigal Levin noted, “this is the first official statement by Iranian top officials, where it is mentioned that these are supposedly Israeli strikes.”

Updated 03:37: “The Iranian opposition is calling on the Iranians to cancel all their flights by planes, as there is a high probability that the IRGC, in retaliation for (supposedly) Israeli strikes on military targets in Iran, may begin to shoot down civilian aircraft,” Levin writes. 

Updated 04:01:  Eyewitnesses in different parts of Iran report heavy aircraft and helicopter traffic, writes Levin. The country is on high alert.

In addition, there was information about a new strong explosion in Hamadan.

“City of Kelachay, Gilan. Iranian combat aircraft in the sky,” added an IDF officer. 

At the moment, there is no data on victims and victims, as well as official information from the Iranian authorities. 

On the night of January 29, it became known that an explosion had occurred in Iran in one of the ammunition production centers of the country’s Defense Ministry. The incident took place in the city of Isfahan. It was reported that the cause of the explosion could be a drone attack.

Earlier, an armed man attacked the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran . As a result of the incident, a security officer of the diplomatic mission was killed, and two more were injured.

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