Consequences of the HIMARS strike in the occupied Ilovaisk


Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

There are photos with the consequences of a night strike on the temporarily occupied Ilovaisk, Donetsk region. The occupying authorities confirmed the damage to the railway infrastructure, in particular, the railway electrification system.

At the same time, the occupiers assure that there are allegedly no victims as a result of the explosions. Photos from Ilovaisk appeared on pro-Russian public pages.

The so-called “DNR authorities” announced that on the evening of January 28, Ukrainian forces hit the railway station in the temporarily occupied Ilovaisk, “firing 7 rockets from the HIMARS MLRS into the city in a few minutes.”

By morning, the occupiers said that as a result of the strike, “the railway infrastructure, in particular, the railway electrification system was damaged. At the same time, the Gauleiter of Ilovaisk, a certain Ruslan Dudnikov, assures that “restoration work is already underway,” and “the incident did not affect railway transportation.”

At the same time, the occupiers assure that no one was hurt as a result of the “bavovna”. This, taking into account the photos from the place of arrivals, is hard to believe.

Many Ukrainians, including those with reference to Ukrainians in the occupied territories, report that during the attack on the station, an echelon with personnel and military equipment of the Russian army that arrived in Ilovaisk was being unloaded there.

In particular, People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko writes about this.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine beat the occupiers in Ilovaisk. The railway electrification system of the railway was damaged. The station was covered when the personnel and military equipment were unloaded. They will not be unloaded anymore,” he said.

Borislav Bereza, People’s Deputy of the 8th convocation, also reported on the “good news from Ilovaisk” the day before .

“Tomorrow morning there will be very good news from Ilovaisk. A HIMARS-SHOW has now taken place there. And then another one. And both are accurate. Details from the morning. And in the swamps today they will scream and moan. And it’s nice to hear! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!” – wrote Bereza.

At the same time, Ukrainian officer Anatoly Shtefan showed a screenshot of a message on one of the Russian public pages, which confirmed information about the unloading of the echelon and about two missiles, and not about seven, as the “authorities” of the occupied part of the Donetsk region “officially” assure. He stressed that the losses of the enemy are being established.

Ilovaisk – source,

Recall, on the eve it became known that in the occupied Ilovaisk there was a powerful explosion near the railway. This city is an important railway junction, Russia uses it for the transfer of manpower, equipment and ammunition.

Since 2014, Ilovaisk has also become a symbol of meanness and deceit in Russia. At the end of August 2014, the Russian command announced a “green corridor” for the Ukrainian troops defending Ukraine in this direction – and staged a real massacre for the soldiers who went out along the purported safe route: the Ukrainian military Russian troops, who crossed the border en masse, were shot from pre-occupied positions.

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  1. This is indeed an important railroad junction and the strike will put an extra great burden on the orc logistics system, which is already straining under a tremendous loud, having its main supply depots further away from the front lines now.
    Ilovaisk will forever be in memory of a criminal and despicable act by the mafiosi, back in 2014, when it slaughtered in treacherous way many Ukrainian fighters!

    • Yes those bastards still haven’t been punished for that.

      Thanks to the public way this war is fought, putler never has any unpleasant surprises and the defenders never have any pleasant ones.
      The rodent nazi’s next onslaught will be planned around HIMAR workarounds, with logistics and ammo always out of reach.
      Push those fucks off balance for once : send the fucking ATACM’s fucking now, so that all putler’s plans get fucked up.
      Also supply the super long range Grey Eagle drones. It ain’t rocket science is it? Sorry my bad; it is!

      • “The rodent nazi’s next onslaught will be planned around HIMAR workarounds, with logistics and ammo always out of reach.”

        But, this, in itself, is a great achievement of HIMARS and AFU tactics. Any orc offensive will be hampered by delays in supply shipments.

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