The future of Russia was discussed on Russian TV.



  1. “Which country’s economy is the best model for Russia to follow? Cuba, North Korea or Iran?”

    They all suck shit, so any of them will do for mafia land.

  2. Critics of Iranian sanctions point out desperate shortages of critical medicine.

    Anyway, it makes little sense for Russia to pursue a path that leaves them so much worse off. Ukraine has cost them dearly and they can claim it’s worth it for their ‘great Russian identity’, but the truth is had Russia just let Ukraine become closer to the West, the Russian economy would have benefited too.

    Sure, Russia can survive their harsh winters as they did before. But if Soviet life was so grand before, why did it collapse?

    If I were Russian, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice so much for the oligarchs to be so wealthy. Sure, the US has disparity of wealth in abundance and could I believe use some refinement but it’s still a far better system.

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