Saakashvili suggested that Russia planned his return to Georgia

Irina Pogorelaya08:39, 01/28/23

Saakashvili expressed the opinion that what is being done to him is also a message to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Georgian ex-president  Mikheil Saakashvili suggested that Russia could secretly organize his return to Georgia in October 2021.

He said this in an interview with  Spiegel . As Saakashvili noted, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his associates ordered his arrest and trial in Georgia.

He noted that only Russia recognized the sentences of the current Georgian authorities against him. “I assume that the people who were involved in my return to Georgia in 2021 were agents of Russia,” he said.

Saakashvili expressed the opinion that what is being done to him is also a message to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Regarding his future plans, Saakashvili noted that if he manages to survive, he sees his future only in Ukraine.

“I have already played my part in the history of this country (Ukraine – ed.), and I am incredibly lucky that I have the opportunity to work with Zelensky, whom I see as the leader of the free world. Conversely, it is very sad to see how Georgia turns into a silent ally Kremlin in this war,” he added.

The fate of Saakashvili in Georgia

Saakashvili has been in detention  since returning to Georgia on the eve of local elections in the fall of 2021.

Earlier it became known that, according to the conclusions of the commission’s forensic medical examination, which were published by the non-governmental center “Empathy”, Saakashvili should not stay in prison for health reasons. It was noted that before the arrest he was almost healthy.

The Georgian ruling party said they were not going to trust these conclusions.

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  1. I really don’t get this guy.
    Why on earth did he return to Georgia?
    He knew he would be sent to prison and that we wouldn’t be able to see his wife, mistress and children ever again.

    He shouldn’t be in prison, but that does not mean I am full of sympathy.
    Also I do not think his return would do any good in the fight against the Georgian Dream party, as he is very unpopular in Georgia which is something he does not seem to understand himself.

    What Georgia needs is a proper opposition party that is not tied to Saakashvili, as there is no way a party that has ties to him will gain a majority of seats.

    I think Georgia deserves a future that doesn’t include either Saakashvili nor Bidzina IIvanishvili and I hope that the downfall of Russia will make this possible.

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