NATO is ready for a direct confrontation with the Russian Federation – Chairman of the Military Committee of the Alliance


NATO is ready for a direct confrontation with the aggressor country Russia. At the same time, the risks of nuclear war are still low.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Alliance, Roa Bauer . It is noted that the Alliance does not exclude a direct military clash with Russia.

According to the head of the military committee of the Alliance, Admiral Roa Bauer, NATO is ready for war.

At the same time, he noted that now the organization should switch to a “military economy in peacetime” and engage in rearmament.

Bauer also noted that the Alliance had the initiative for a long time and could determine for itself when, where and how many troops needed to be sent to solve a particular problem, but now Russia has appeared on the horizon, which can “come without an invitation.”

However, the admiral added that the strategic goals of the terrorist state go beyond the borders of Ukraine, since it wants to restore the territory of the USSR.

Regarding the clash between Russia and NATO would lead to nuclear war, Bauer responded in the negative.

“I think Vladimir Putin is not crazy, and this is good news. He has ideas that do not match our ideas. But he is not crazy,” the admiral said.

In addition, Bauer stressed that it is important that everyone continue to believe that a nuclear war cannot be won.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, humanity is on the verge of the end of the world. The hands of the Doomsday Clock have been moved, and now they show 90 seconds before midnight.


  1. “It is noted that the Alliance does not exclude a direct military clash with Russia.”

    It seems to me that this admiral is a bit too fervent about NATO. Many of its members leave a lot to be desired, regarding fortitude. I doubt that they have any capacity to fight, much less the spirit and courage. At any rate, it would be more than nice if they were to decide that it is better to help Ukraine directly in its epic fight for survival. But, I won’t see this to ever happen due to the first part of my post.

    • Putin using nukes brings up two points with me. First, there are many European and American cities that are huge and would not be completely destroyed. On the other hand, Russia has only two. Who would eventually survive that scenario?
      Secondly, I don’t think we would return fire with a nuke because that would make both sides guilty. We would decimate their military kinetically and the guilt would be only on one side and Russia would be gone forever.

  2. I fear a nuclear attack on Ukraine when Russia realizes Crimea is lost. Doing so would, in their minds, would render resistance less capable.

    They would justify it by saying Russia (in their illegal definition) was attacked and it is their right to respond.

    NATO would either have to go in conventionally or probably see Ukraine be run over. I think Russia would time the move with US elections to help someone against Ukrainian assistance ride the wave of fear.

    NATO should position itself to be able to respond. And it should be clear that Abrams, ATCAMS, F-22s, F-35s and anything useful would surely be used.

    I fear too that Russia might do it after nearly withdrawing to pose the question of whether NATO wants to attack Russia or not.

    Any country that uses nuclear weapons today should be subject to complete and permanent sanctions. As it is, the UN would have nothing to say. The UN needs to go as it can’t function as structured.

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