Medvedev “burned out” amid rumors about the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine

Violetta Orlova15:15, 01/28/23

The politician once again threatened the West with a nuclear war.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev called the Italian Minister of Defense “a rare eccentric with the letter” m “and, traditionally, said that new types of weapons would not affect the course of the war in any way.

Medvedev posted his next post against the backdrop of rumors about a possible transfer of Western fighters to Ukraine.

“Neighbors of a gifted minister from an evil foggy kingdom with an empire complex have gone even further. They say that all the weapons that NATO has should be provided to Kyiv “right now”. And fighter jets, and hundreds of tanks, and long-range missile systems. Like this is the only way to prevent the expansion of Russia and, again, a world war,” Medvedev complains.

The politician once again threatened the West with a nuclear war: “If the third world war starts, then, alas, it will not be on tanks and not even on fighter planes. Then, for sure, everything will be in dust.”

In Europe, they are discussing the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine – what fighters may appear in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The OP did not hide the hope that the February “Rammstein” will be aviation. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba noted that international partners have already started working on the issue of transferring F-16 jet fighters to Ukraine.

If Ukraine receives Western-made aircraft, it will most likely be F-16s . After all, this is the most common model of modern combat aircraft that are in service with many countries and are being produced today, military historian Andrei Kharuk believes.

Also, according to Haruka, Swedish fighters Grippen, Eurofighter, which are in service with several countries, for example, Italy and Spain, or even the French Rafale, can be transferred to Ukraine. They are one of the best, perfect and popular in the world.

Today it has officially become known that Ukraine expects a batch of 24 fighters from the allies .

Military assistance from the West is key today

The other day, Germany, after many months of debate with its allies, approved the  supply and re-export of Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine Thus, Poland and other European states will be able to supply German armored vehicles to the Ukrainian military.

Following Germany, the  transfer of battle tanks  – modernized Abrams – was announced by the American head Joe Biden. However, due to complex logistics and limited stocks of equipment, deliveries will be delayed, according to various estimates,  up to several months .

However, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need  up to 500 tanks  to actively move forward.

The West, in turn, began an active discussion of the transfer of combat aircraft to Ukraine. In Paris, it was already cautiously admitted that among the options, in particular,  French fighters .

Today it also became known about the  transfer of missiles  by Germany to the Iris-T anti-aircraft complex already in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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