It became known how many heavy tanks Ukraine will receive: the French ambassador named the figure

Antonina Dolomanzhi10:28, 01/28/23

Delivery times will vary for each case.

The Western powers confirmed the transfer of 321 tanks to Ukraine . Ambassador of Ukraine to France Vadym Omelchenko stated this on the air of the BFMTV channel.

“Today (January 27 – UNIAN) many countries officially confirmed their agreement to supply Ukraine with 321 heavy tanks,” he said.

According to Omelchenko, the delivery time will be different in each case.

“Some countries need to carry out maintenance, others are solving logistics issues or waiting to receive other models,” the diplomat said.

Tanks for Ukraine

As UNIAN reported earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron said on January 22 that he did not rule out the possibility of starting deliveries of the Leclerc main battle tank to Ukraine. He instructed the Minister of War to study the matter.

On January 25, the German government officially agreed on the transfer of 14 units of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and allowed re-export to other countries . On the same day, US President Joe Biden announced that the United States was providing Ukraine with 31 Abrams tanks . After that, several countries have already reported on the transfer to Ukraine of a different number of modern tanks.

Subsequently, Zelensky stated that Ukraine needed 300 to 500 tanks . According to the president, he is very grateful to his partners for the tanks, but he will feel real relief only when this equipment starts working on the battlefield.

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  1. If we are getting 321 tanks, that’s a real good start. Problem…long on promises, short on deliverables!

    • I hear you Sir CapW, some of the candidates need overhauls, refitting, or reconfiguring which takes time. On the Abrams sounds like only one plant from General Dynamics is able to get them ready.

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