Bloody attack of the Russian Federation on Konstantinovka: the number of victims has increased significantly

Lesya Leshchenko22:47, 01/28/23

It would be possible to stop this Russian terror if Ukraine received long-range missiles.

As a result of the Russian attack on Konstantinovka  in the Donetsk region, at least 14 people were injured. 

“Today at 9:15 the Russian army carried out a rocket attack on our city of Konstantinovka, Donetsk region. The enemy used S-300 missiles. In the residential sector. As of this time, 17 names are on the list of victims. 14 are injured. Three people were killed,” he informed President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an evening video message .

He expressed condolences to the families and friends of the dead and injured and stressed that it would be possible to stop this Russian terror if we could provide the military with the appropriate missile forces.VIDEO OF THE DAY

“Russian missiles hit in Konstantinovka, in particular, in four residential buildings. And such shelling, unfortunately, is the daily routine of our territories, which the Russian army reaches with such missiles. Donbass, Kharkiv region, the south of the state. So that terrorists do not have a sense of impunity “Ukraine needs long-range missiles, in particular, in order to remove this opportunity for the occupiers to put their rocket launchers somewhere far from the front line and destroy Ukrainian cities with them. And I thank everyone in the world – politicians, public figures, journalists and ordinary people, who insist with us that there can be no taboos in the supply of weapons to protect against Russian terror.We will do everything for partners to open this vital supply – the supply, in particular, of ATACMS and other similar weapons.Because it is necessary to protect life,” Zelensky said.

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