Video Fact: Forest Plantations Near Vuhledar Covered With Bodies Of Russian Military

The AFU have shown footage of a failed enemy offensive.


Russian propagandists keep saying that the occupation troops have practically taken Vuhledar, but in reality the situation is not so rosy for the enemy. On the previous day, footage shot by a Ukrainian reconnaissance drone near Vuhledar appeared on the Internet.

The video shows the enemy troops launching another attack, suffering significant losses. Journalists of the Supernova+ Telegram channel posted a 2-minute video from near Vuhledar.

It clearly showed how the occupants took “advantageous” positions and how they “successfully” stormed the Ukrainian armed forces’ positions. The action takes place in a wooded area, where a Ukrainian drone tracked down Putin’s attackers and transmitted the coordinates to the artillery. And then it was the AFU’s turn. They shelled both military hardware and manpower.

You can see in the video a lot of corpses of Russian army fighters, who will stay in the Ukrainian soil forever.


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