Ukraine is not enough: Putin decided to expand the territory of the Russian Federation in a new direction

Yuri Kobzar 20:38, 01/27/23

The Russian leadership is already seriously planning to annex more territories.

On Friday, January 27, Vladimir Putin convened the Security Council of the Russian Federation to discuss the next expansion of Russian territories. This time due to the shelf in the Arctic Ocean.

This is where the transcript ends, indicating the closed nature of the meeting.

According to Reuters , this is about Moscow’s attempts to annex part of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, where there are rich deposits of oil and gas.

In 2021, Russia tried to obtain permission from the UN to appropriate these maritime territories, but Canada, Norway and Denmark prevented this by stating similar claims. Against this background, Russia began to conduct more military exercises in the region and expand the military infrastructure there.

Putin’s aggressive ambitions

According to Bloomberg, Vladimir Putin has not abandoned his intentions to seize Ukraine and is planning a new large-scale offensive in the spring. At the same time, he is ready for high losses among Russian soldiers.

Putin recently found a new explanation for why he invaded Ukraine and killed tens of thousands of Russian soldiers. According to him, this is how he protects Russia.

However, a few days earlier, Putin voiced a completely different and no less delusional version of the attack on Ukraine. By staging the biggest European war in 70 years, Putin wants to end the war.

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  1. Russia has as much claim to Alaska as they do to Crimea. Why not that too? Too close to Canada? They really aren’t that bad – and kinda funny sometimes.

  2. It would be easier for mafia land to claim Mars than Ukraine. Without Western technology, the oil and gas in the Arctic is just a childish pipe dream. Mafia land is filled with drunk dreamers. Their country is trash, and their dreams too.

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