The White House will discuss the possibility of providing Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets

Evgenia Sokolenko08:48, 27.01.23

Biden’s adviser said that Washington does not rule out the supply of “any specific weapons systems to Ukraine.”

The administration of US President Joe Biden will “thoroughly discuss” with allies the possibility of supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets .

Security adviser to the US president, John Feiner, said that the American authorities “do not rule out anything”, reports  MSNBC .

“We will discuss it very carefully [with allies],” he said

According to Feiner, Washington does not exclude the supply of “any specific weapons systems to Ukraine”, and military assistance to the Defense Forces is provided “according to their needs with the phases of the Ukrainian struggle”.

Earlier, the US Ministry of Defense commented on the transfer of F-16 to the Air Force, stressing that “we are definitely not going to remove anything from the agenda.”

Provision of fighter jets to Ukraine

As Politico writes, the Ukrainian authorities, following the supply of battle tanks, demand the supply of  Western fighter jets , and can get them, counting on the support of the Baltic countries in this matter.

At the same time, the Slovakian authorities announced that they are ready to discuss the delivery of MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. Yurii Hnat, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces  , said that it is already known what type of aircraft Ukraine will receive, and what the terms of personnel training are. 

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  1. No discussions of 5 months, just deliver today. And use air force bases in Poland and Rumania for their deployment.

    • The shame, from hat I’m hearing, most in the administration want to send the F16 now, unfortunately you have Biden and Sullivan allowing their fears to control the outcome bn

      • I hope I’m wrong but it seems to me Biden’s policy in Ukraine has been not to give Ukraine enough that it stops putin’s attack, especially missiles. I think he wants Ukraine to wear down putin’s war machine. That might sound like a good strategy but every day it costs Ukrainian lives.

        • A couple of long range missiles is all it needs. Blow up the Kerch bridge forever, then destroy the supply routes coming out of russia. The war is over!

        • I read this somewhere recently, Red. If this is true, then Biden has a terrible strategy. Although wearing down the cockroaches is good, it can be done without costing so much Ukrainian blood and the damages the country must endure. I hate to say it, but, if all of this is true, then it seems that our generals are of the same poor quality as the cockroach ones.

          • It is a real shame that the Budapest signatories were not ready and did not react in a responsible way. Of course NOW that the Ukrainians showed the world they are willing to stand up to the Moskali invaders and chew through their helmets..NOW…the signatories are reacting primarily so they can campaign on Ukraine’s forthcoming victory.
            If the UK USA intel was up to par they would have known to arm Ukraine and stop putin’s advances….in 2014 and saved hundreds of thousands of lives. I for one will make sure this failure is aptly stamped on Obama’s forehead as long as I live.

            • Obumer was an utter failure, and such types of sorry presidents present a grave danger to our country. But, too many Americans don’t realize this fact.

  2. Isaiah 40:31
    …they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.

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