The Russians again covered the Kherson region with fire: two dead, many wounded (18+)

Nadia Prishlyak20:19, 27.01.23

Civil infrastructure facilities were damaged, including a hospital and residential buildings.

As a result of the shelling of Kherson and the region, two women were killed, at least five people were injured, several were hospitalized with serious injuries,  the Office of the Prosecutor General reports .

According to the investigation, on January 27, the invaders carried out another shelling of Kherson and the settlements of the region.

“As a result, two women were killed, at least five civilians were injured, several were hospitalized with serious injuries. Civilian infrastructure facilities were damaged, including a hospital, residential buildings,” the report says.

A pre-trial investigation has been launched into violation of the laws and customs of war, involving premeditated murder (part 2 of article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). To ensure a proper investigation of war crimes, prosecutors, together with police investigators, carry out the necessary investigative actions.

Shelling of Kherson region – latest news

On January 27, the Russian occupiers once again shelled the residential areas of Kherson and the Kherson region. Fragments from the explosion of a Russian shell in the Suvorov district damaged a car with a man and a woman inside. The woman died on the spot, and the wounded man was taken away by an ambulance.

The invaders also fired on the village of Kamyshany, as a result of which three people were injured, a 25-year-old woman died from her wounds.

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  2. Seeing such scenes and realizing the cowardice of Western politicians who could put a stop to this carnage makes me sick to my stomach.

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