The Netherlands transferred about 300 tons of power equipment to Ukraine  

About 300 tons of power equipment for the restoration of power supply were transferred by the Netherlands to Ukraine.

This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

They said that since December last year, Ukraine received 36 cargoes of humanitarian aid from the Netherlands in the form of energy equipment with a total weight of 286.7 tons (of which 12 cargoes with a total weight of 103.6 tons were received in the last two weeks).

The received equipment will be used to restore facilities in the Ukrainian energy sector, which continue to be damaged as a result of targeted Russian attacks.

Our country has received transformers, SF6 circuit breakers, earthing switches, connectors, surge arresters, electrical cables and grounding, overhead line fittings.

“The provided equipment will help restore power supply to thousands of Ukrainians who daily experience the consequences of Russian barbaric attacks on our energy sector. Thank you to the Netherlands for this support,” Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko stressed.



  1. Netherlands! Thank you very much! Mother Nature has helped Ukraine this winter with comparatively warm temperatures and now the Dutch send us real and much needed power equipment. Thanks again!

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