Putin is preparing new offensive in February or March – Bloomberg

Russian dictator vladimir putin is preparing a new offensive in Ukraine that could happen as early as February or March 2023. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to russian officials, advisers and other persons familiar with the situation.

According to the information of the media outlet, the kremlin aims to demonstrate that its forces can regain the initiative after months of losing ground, putting pressure on Kyiv and its backers to agree to some kind of truce that leaves russia in control of the territory it now occupies.

However, the constant setbacks have made many in the kremlin more realistic about their immediate ambitions, recognizing that even holding the current front line would be an achievement.

“The renewed offensive may start as soon as February or March, the people close to the Kremlin said. Their comments confirm warnings from Ukraine and it allies that a new Russian offensive is coming and suggest it may begin before Kyiv gets newly promised supplies of US and and European battle tanks”, – Bloomberg writes.

Interlocutors of the media outlet note that the russian leader believes he has no alternative but to prevail in a conflict he sees as an existential one with the US and its allies.

According to them, a new round of mobilization is possible as soon as this spring, as the economy and society are increasingly subordinated to the needs of the war.

Along with that, US and European intelligence officials question whether russia has the resources for a major new offensive, even after mobilizing 300 000 additional troops last fall.

The media outlet also notes that there is growing fear among Ukraine’s allies that the conflict will last for years.

As previously reported, russian troops are trying to divert the AFU from the Luhansk oblast, where a “decisive” offensive is planned.

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  1. It has been expected by the defenders for quite some time. The allies have been acting reactively all along and pathetically slowly.
    Many good people will die unnecessarily and suffer horribly unless the allies act quickly.
    1/ send ATTACM’s and other long range munitions without delay
    2/ declare NFZ
    3/ send ground troops

    • You know it is bad for the Kremlinals when they plan a “major offensive”…..on the same territory (Luhansk) they’ve occupied for 9 years!
      Which reminds me, according to the Moskali, Luhansk is an independent country….so they can think for themselves so why are the rats in the Kremlin speaking?

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