Kremlin says Biden has key to end Ukraine conflict but doesn’t use it

MOSCOW, Jan 27 — The Kremlin said today that US President Joe Biden had the key to end the conflict in Ukraine by directing Kyiv, but that Washington had so far not been willing to use it.

“The key to the Kyiv regime is largely in the hands of Washington,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in a daily briefing.

“Now we see that the current White House leader… does not want to use this key. On the contrary, he chooses the path of further pumping weapons into Ukraine,” he added.

Moscow has often accused Washington of giving orders to Ukraine and of prolonging the conflict by supplying Kyiv with weapons. The United States says Russia has unleashed a brutal war of choice and can end it by withdrawing its troops.

Tensions between the two sides have plumbed historic lows over the past year, with the United States announcing this week that it would supply Ukraine with 31 advanced M1 Abrams tanks worth US$400 million (RM1.6 billion) in a matter of months.

Russia says any Abrams shipments would be a waste of money as they would “burn” just like other tanks in Ukraine. — Reuters


  1. I think for once I can agree with the Kremlin.
    He indeed has a key to end the war, for example by providing Ukraine with air support.

  2. “The key to the Kyiv regime is largely in the hands of Washington,”

    Biden also has the key to destroy every cockroach in Ukraine if he had the balls. So maybe it would be better for Putler to use his key and remove all russian vermin from Ukraine, while he can.

  3. Joe can only give one answer to this filthy nazi troll: ATACM’s : shitloads of them, to Ukraine immediately.
    That would tide Ukraine over while she waits for the MBT’s.

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