Fox News Host Confronts GOP Senator J.D. Vance on Opposition to Ukraine Aid

Fox News co-host Brian Kilmeade confronted Senator J.D. Vance, an Ohio Republican, on Thursday about the United States sending more aid to Ukraine in order to help the country fight in its ongoing war with Russia.

The State Department announced earlier this month that an additional $3.75 billion in military assistance, which includes 50 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, will be sent to the Eastern European country. This brings the overall security assistance by the U.S. to Ukraine to approximately $27.2 billion since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion on February 24, 2022.

“What is our goal? How is American policy meant to achieve that goal?” the Republican senator asked during an interview on Fox & Friends. “It feels sometimes to me like we’re just shoveling money over there without any clear plan for what it’s meant to accomplish.”

Kilmeade then pushed back and said that the U.S. is helping Ukraine take back its territories by supporting “fighters who clearly know how to fight.”

“What don’t you understand about that?” the Fox News host asked Vance.

“Well, I think my issue, Brian is that if you look at the actual state of the war right now, it’s been an effective strategic quagmire for six months,” Vance responded. “So the question becomes what is our ultimate objective here is it to kill as many Ukrainians and as many Russians as possible, or is it to bring some sort of resolution to this conflict that hopefully allows us to rebuild Ukraine, allows the Ukrainians to rebuild their country and also prevents the risk of war.”

Kilmeade again pushed back against Vance’s opposition to sending more aid to Ukraine, saying that if Russia controls territories in Ukraine, it will then be eager to invade neighboring countries such as Georgia and Moldova.

Vance then countered Kilmeade’s argument, saying, “We’ve spent so much of our munitions down so much of our military grade equipment down that if we have to fight a war against China, which I think is far more likely and frankly, it’s a far more dangerous opponent. That is what worries me is that the focus on Russia comes at the expense of China…unfortunately, we cannot fight two enemies at once.”

A number of Western countries have recently announced that they will send tanks to the war-torn country as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to call for further assistance. Those nations include the U.S., the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, and France.


  1. “Well, I think my issue, Brian is that if you look at the actual state of the war right now, it’s been an effective strategic quagmire for six months,”

    This is another poor excuse for a human that opens his mouth before engaging his brain. Since the beginning of this war, Ukraine has regained 54% of territory occupied by the cockroaches. Two months ago Ukraine liberated the whole of the Kherson region north of the Dnipro. Is that the quagmire this retard is talking about?

    • You only have to Google the offensive crap this retarded mugwump has already spewed out re Ukraine. Naturally, like the putinoid skank Marjorie Taylor-Greene, he’s a Trump protege.

    • And he can’t possibly be retarded so much that he doesn’t understand Ukraine’s goals. They have always been to get their territory back. These fools believe if you’re nice to putin he will stop. They are just lazy and believe what they want, which is ignorant. They should go visit said quagmire and get educated instead of barking stupid points of view.

  2. This sorry excuse for a senator knows nothing about military matters. That is the first impression one gets when reading his drool. This war is anything but a quagmire. It is moving forward and this from the second month after start. It would move even faster if Ukraine didn’t have to fight with one hand tied behind its back. Ass wipes like Vance are at fault for this and Biden’s overblown caution.
    The second impression is that he utilizes smokes and mirrors, disguising his hatred for Ukraine with fake concerns for the country. In effect, he wants to end the war to spare Ukrainian lives, although, he also mentions ruskies lives, which are actually worth nothing, in accordance to their top religious leader’s recent statement. Anyone with even half a brain, however, knows what a ceasefire at this point would mean. It would mean further carnage and destruction at a later date. It would also mean that the Ukrainians still under ruskie boots would continue living in a chamber of horrors. This dumbass jerk off surely has heard of Bucha, et al!
    I must say one thing, though, Biden has indeed failed to outline what our ultimate goal is. What he’s said was too vague. He must use words that an ill educated moron like Vance can also comprehend. Although, I doubt that it would do any good. For some reason, he’s all pro-ruskie and this means he’s a danger to our nation.

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