“Ukrenergo” confirmed the hit to the power system facilities: part of the equipment was destroyed

Anna Bredykhina, Dmytro Schwartz14:19, 26.01.23

Now the scheduled restrictions schedules are gradually returning, the deficit in the system is significant.

As a result of today’s Russian attack with missiles and drones, energy equipment was damaged in several regions, and the main high-voltage equipment was destroyed in the Dnipro region.

According to NEC “Ukrenergo”, on January 26, the enemy again struck the energy infrastructure of Ukraine with missiles and drones. This is already the 13th missile strike and 15th drone attack on Ukraine’s energy system.

“There are hits and damage to equipment in the southern, central, and southwestern regions. In the Dnipro region, the main high-voltage equipment was destroyed at one of the power facilities,” the message says.

The company reported that power supply problems caused by the shelling also exist in the south, including in the Odesa region

“Emergency shutdowns were introduced throughout Ukraine during the attack. Planned restrictions are now gradually returning. The deficit in the system is significant. Consumption limits have been set for all regions,” the press service reported.

In turn, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal said that as a result of today’s missile attack on Ukrainian energy facilities, the Russian military got into electrical substations, but the situation in the energy system remains under control.

“Terrorist country Russia launched more than 55 missiles at Ukraine, and attacked with drones at night. The main goal is energy facilities, depriving Ukrainians of light and heat. Most of the missiles and drones were shot down by our defenders. Unfortunately, there are hits in the substation. But the situation in the power system remains under control. Power engineers are doing everything to ensure the supply of electricity,” he wrote.

Missile attack on Ukraine on January 26:

A large-scale air alert was announced across Ukraine in the morning  . The enemy hit Ukraine with missiles. Emergency power outages occurred in a number of regions. Arrivals were reported in some areas. There are victims. 

The situation in the energy system of Ukraine:

The first serious missile attack on the objects of critical  infrastructure of Ukraine  was on October 10, 2022. Since then, emergency power outages have started across the country   .

As of January 23, 2023, the energy system of Ukraine survived 12 enemy missile attacks and 14 UAV strikes on energy facilities. More than 10 GW of the main installed capacities are inaccessible to the Ukrainian energy system and are under the control of the enemy. This is the largest in Ukraine and Europe: Zaporizhzhia NPP, Zaporizhzhia TPP, Luhansk TPP, Vugleghirskaya TPP, Kakhovskaya HPP.

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  1. Belgorod is within easy reach of HIMARS. Even when restricted to 70km.
    The Ukrainians have shown incredible restraint for so long.
    Now they must hit Belgorod and completely destroy its energy infrastructure.

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