Trump criticized the supply of tanks to Ukraine

Yury Kobzar20:14, 26.01.23

The former US president is sure that now everything will inevitably end in a nuclear war.

Former US President Donald Trump criticized the supply of Western tanks to Ukraine. In his own social network Truth Social, he stated that this could also happen with the supply of nuclear weapons to Ukraine.

“First there will be tanks, then nuclear bombs. End this crazy war, now. It’s so easy to do!” he wrote.

At the same time, Trump did not specify what exactly needs to be done to end the war in Ukraine easily and quickly.


War in Ukraine – Trump’s position

Donald Trump, known for his sympathies with Vladimir Putin, publicly praised his idol when, immediately before the invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin decided to “recognize” the terrorist group “LDNR” as independent states.

In April, when the war was already in full swing, Trump called the Russian invasion a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

In August , Trump expressed the opinion that Russia would not attack if Ukraine gave up Crimea and the course in NATO.

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  1. Sorry Don..,. but no one is listening.
    You had some good ideas, unfortunately you didn’t accomplish any of them and the majority of the American people and most importantly the big Republican donors are so done with your shit show.

  2. “At the same time, Trump did not specify what exactly needs to be done to end the war in Ukraine easily and quickly.”

    Maybe the orange orangutan will drop to his knees to give the little chimp a sloppy blowjob, so it’ll stop the war?
    But, it’s more likely that the orange orangutan would throw Ukraine under the bus.

  3. He is right…………………….for a change……………Give Ukraine nukes and the war will be over.(hope so)

  4. Last year, Trump Jr called for the cancellation of all aid to Ukraine because a Ukrainian missile hit a Nato country; namely Poland.
    Just when you thought such fuckwittery could not sink any lower, along comes Trumpkov Sr with even more malevolent slurry.
    The Trumps make Tucker Carlson and JeremIRA CorbLenin seem like reasonable and honourable people.

  5. I dispute that giving Ukraine tanks to fight a genocide will result in nuclear war.
    I dispute that there is a quick, easy solution.
    I dispute the ceding Crimea to Russia is a solution.
    I dispute that Putin’s declaring the Donbas and Crimea as independent and sending in ‘peacekeepers’ is savy or genius.

    Trump is just Putin ‘extra light’ for now. Once free elections are not honored in America, the world will have trouble like it’s never seen. Listen to Trump like you would listen to Putin – at your peril unless you are close enough to get the benefits of cozying up. But always remember, ultimately freedom will prevail because it is human nature to will it so.

    • Amen Sir Honestly. I wish the asshole would just go away speaking as a former supporter of this moron.

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