The German oil giant supplied fuel for Russian bombers – Spiegel

Yury Kobzar16:32, 26.01.23

The journalists found out that the missiles in Ukraine are launched by airplanes refueled with German components.

The largest producer of oil products in Germany, the company Wintershell Dea, probably supplied aviation fuel components for Russian bombers striking Ukraine . The German publication Spiegel writes about it .

According to the journalistic investigation, the German company supplied paraffin to Russia through a joint venture with Russian Gazprom. This paraffin is used in the manufacture of aviation fuel, which was then used to refuel Russian bombers.

In particular, a rocket attack on a residential high-rise in Dnipro on January 14 and on a shopping center in Kremenchuk in June 2022 is mentioned. In both cases, the Russian missile carriers took off from the Shaykivka Air Base, which is home to Tu-22M3 supersonic bombers capable of launching X-22 class missiles. 

According to the publication, these bombers could be refueled with exactly the fuel that was produced using the paraffin of the company Wintershell Dea.

It is noted that the German company, despite criticism, continued to work on the Russian market, although many of its competitors from among foreign fuel companies thought it better to leave.

“The long-established company has become a symbol of unscrupulous Western commodity companies, which increasingly bought in Russia and, despite all the alarm signals, became dependent on Putin, investing billions,” the newspaper writes.

On January 17, Wintershell Dea nevertheless announced its intention to leave Russia. Formally due to the fact that “Russia is no longer a reliable economic partner.” However, journalists directly link this statement with Russia’s missile attack on a high-rise building in Dnipro on January 14.

At the same time, it is emphasized that after the withdrawal of the Germans, the joint venture with “Gazprom” will remain in Russia and will continue to use its equipment for the production of aviation kerosene – “at the expense of billions of German investments” made in previous years.

A rocket hit a high-rise building in Dnipro

On January 14, during another wave of missile attacks on Ukraine, the Russians hit a residential high-rise in Dnipro. As a result of the impact, one of the entrances of the building completely collapsed, at least 44 people died .

As the military said, the enemy fired a very powerful but inaccurate Kh-22 missile. It is known that the missile was not intercepted by Ukrainian air defense and hit exactly where it was going.

At the same time, among Russians, this tragedy caused a storm of admiration and ridicule.

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  1. The tactics of a historical figure : Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris, deployed in response to the London blitz, are what is required here.
    Those degenerate, hate-filled nazis need a massive dose of their own evil medicine.

  2. What some companies did still doing business in mafia was bad enough, but Wintershell Dea was directly involved in enabling bombers to strike Ukraine and they continued to do such up into the strike on Dnipro. This is beyond reprehensible as is but now they extend their support of rashist genocide by leaving the equipment intact for the rashists to continue to use.

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