Russia conducted a conditional launch of Putin’s “super weapon” in the Atlantic Ocean

Violetta Orlova05:34, 26.01.23

According to the Russian ministry, the training launch was carried out with the help of computer simulation.

The frigate of the Russian Navy “Admiral Gorshkov” tested the use of hypersonic sea-based missile “Zirkon” , which was dubbed Putin’s “superweapon” by Russian media, in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to  the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, “Gorshkov” struck a naval target – “enemy ship” – at a distance of more than 900 km with “Zirkon”. According to the ministry, the training launch was carried out using computer simulation.

On the same day, the frigate was put into combat service.

In February, the occupiers plan to send “Admiral Gorshkov” for training with South Africa and China near the coast of Africa.

Rocket “Zircon” – what is known

In Russia, “Zirkon” is called “the world’s first hypersonic cruise missile capable of long-term aerodynamic flight with maneuvering in the atmosphere using the thrust of its own engine.”

It is claimed that the missile is capable of developing up to nine speeds of sound, and the firing range is one thousand kilometers. “Zircon” can hit targets both on water and on land.

It is worth noting that Russian naval exercises with “super weapons” usually ended in failure .

Recently, there was a report that the Americans, as part of the pursuit of arms with Russia and China , are developing the latest killer lasers to equip their warships. Their main advantage is the ability to destroy hypersonic missiles in the air.

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