Koziy: The Kremlin has gone on a rampage and is raising the stakes, it will keep Crimea to the last. Interview


Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

Now the terrorist country Russia undertook to raise stakes. In fact, the aggressor went into a rage and is trying to play an active game, using all available opportunities. In particular, the Kremlin is talking about creating an “exile government of Ukraine” with the participation of old traitors – Yanukovych , Azarov and Medvedchuk. However, there is no hope that this scam will work out.

The task that the aggressor has set for himself since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in 2014 still remains unchanged. The Kremlin needs to keep Crimea for itself at all costs. The enemy wants to have the occupied Ukrainian peninsula as a springboard for a new escalation if it is not possible to maintain control over the Donetsk region. Throwing prisoners into the battle in the Donetsk region, the Kremlin solves another problem: reducing the burden on the budget of the RF penitentiary service. This opinion was expressed in an exclusive interview with OBOZREVATEL by military expert of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Igor Koziy .

– In Russia, the possibility of bringing Yanukovych, Azarov, Medvedchuk to the “government of Ukraine in exile” is now being discussed. In your opinion, can these figures really be useful to the Kremlin? If yes, in what role?

– The Russian Federation is not going anywhere, and we will not see anything new here. It is clear that they will continue to do everything in order to raise the stakes. They went into a frenzy. To some extent, they get off from this.

They try to do everything possible and impossible just for the sake of demonstrating actions for the sake of actions. The creation of this quasi-government is nothing more than an attempt to once again demonstrate that we have our views, our people, our capabilities.

I do not rule out that in the future they may try to bring these people to the world stage so that someone starts to negotiate something with them. But the question today is completely different – whether we will do everything in our power to ensure that this scenario of the Russian Federation is not realized.

– The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the Russian military in occupied Lugansk began to evacuate their families. The personnel of the enemy in certain settlements of the Luhansk region is decreasing. What do you think, what could be the reason for this?

– Anything. It may be true information, it may be disinformation. These may be the measures that the Russian Federation actually takes to redeploy military personnel. Accordingly, they are engaged in the fact that they evacuate or transfer the places of residence of their families.

In my opinion, all these measures should be considered as a whole. More than the Main Directorate of Intelligence here, few will see. We need to look at which units are moving, where they are moving their families, relatives. How they move, for what, etc. All this can only be done by the intelligence community.

– Questions about Donetsk. We see that the front line has long come close to this occupied city, but so far we are not talking about its liberation. Why do you think? When will the time come for Donetsk?

– The issue of liberating a particular settlement, conducting a certain operation is, first of all, a matter of resources. It is very important in this context to consider the possibility of actually reducing the losses that today can be associated specifically with the human resource. Because otherwise it is impossible to act today.

At the same time, we must be clearly aware that the rights and freedoms of the people who today protect our state must be protected. Therefore, the creation of the institution of the military ombudsman is long overdue.

– We remember what plans Putin set for himself when he started his “special military operation” – the war in Ukraine. This is the “liberation” of Donbass, the “demilitarization” of Ukraine…

– … “denazification” and much more.

– Yes Yes. How do you see the current plans of the enemy? What tasks can he set for himself at the current stage of the war?

– The main task has remained unchanged since 2014, and I constantly talk about it. They will try to keep hold of the Crimea. Crimea as a further escalation opportunity if they fail to hold the Donetsk region.

Therefore, we will see that all efforts will be directed, first of all, to the retention of the Donetsk region. But we see that, by and large, it was used for the purpose of internal disassembly. I mean the destruction of criminal elements by using them on the front line. This is a certain reduction in the burden on the budget of the penitentiary service of the Russian Federation.

These are questions that are connected, first of all, with actually turning this territory unsuitable for further rapid use. Because bringing this territory to a normal state, creating opportunities for people to work will be very, very difficult for today’s authorities.


  1. Mafia land’s only achievement in this war is to eradicate its prison population. Everything else was an utter failure. The entire globe knows this, regardless of mafia land’s friend or foe.

  2. The piss-stained putinazi cockroaches are going nowhere.
    The kill rate needs to quadruple. 3000 killed or crippled per day is the minimum requirement.
    Gen Zaluzhnyi wants 300 tanks. The allies might cobble together 200, which is not enough. Even then, it may take up to three months for them all to be in theatre and doing their job, thanks to a year of lethal dithering by the allies.
    Ditto with the F16’s. If the decision is made today, it could be two or three months before they are in action.
    That leaves the pressing problem of the current situation. Notice with the allies it’s always mañana.
    What can be done that will take immediate effect is HIMARS; at least 40 more are needed and this time they must be calibrated to launch ATTACM’s.

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