75% of Ukraine’s heat generation needs restoration after Russian attacks – DTEK

Ivan Boyko22:22, 26.01.23

Currently, energy companies are making maximum efforts to restore normal power supply.

Due to Russia’s attacks on the energy facilities of Ukraine, about 75% of the entire heat generation needs to be restored, said the executive director of DTEK, Dmytro Sakharuk.

“It is necessary to restore about 7.5 gigawatts of installed thermal generation capacity. This is almost 75% of all thermal generation that is in the country. These are large destructions that must be returned to the network as soon as possible,” he said.

Sakharuk noted that as a result of the latest attack by the Russians on the energy infrastructure, a very difficult situation with light has arisen in the Odesa region, which will take several days to stabilize.

He added that currently the energy companies are making maximum efforts to restore normal power supply.

“Now the power engineers will deal with the demolition of the rubble. They will look at what happened and will repair it. Repair it in order to return the light to the homes of Ukrainians as soon as possible. There is a lot of work,” Saharuk concluded.

We will remind you that on January 26, Russia delivered another blow to the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. As a result of the attack, problems with electricity supply began in the south of Ukraine, in particular in Odesa, due to which emergency power outage schedules were applied in Odesa.

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  1. Thank God temperatures have been hovering around freezing this winter and there haven’t been any frigid Siberian cyclones come through. The next 2 weeks look pretty stable too.

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