The USA transfers 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine-Biden

Marta Hychko19:09, 01/25/23

Also, 8 repair and evacuation vehicles for tank maintenance will be sent to Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden officially announced the delivery of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. One tank battalion will be formed from them.

Biden announced this during a speech on the evening of January 25. At the same time, the American leader noted that the delivery of the tanks will take several months.

“We intend to help Ukraine defend its territory and go on the counteroffensive. In order to liberate the country, they need to increase their defense capabilities… Today we are allocating more than 500 units of armored vehicles, and I also announce that we are allocating 31 Abrams tanks,” he announced Biden.

According to Biden, 8 repair and evacuation vehicles for tank maintenance will also be sent to Ukraine. The US immediately begins work on a program to train Ukrainian tankers to work with Abrams.

American Abrams – characteristics

Abrams is the main battle tank of the USA, serially produced since 1980. It is in service with the US Army and Marine Corps, as well as the Armed Forces of Egypt, Australia, Morocco and a number of Middle Eastern states.

Abrams is currently one of the heaviest tanks, its combat mass has exceeded 62 tons.

Abrams initiated the use of a number of innovative solutions, including a computerized fire control system and separate storage of ammunition using ejection panels.

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  1. I’m not a military guy but if the US gave us 300 to form ten tank battalions I would suspect that would be enough to send the cockroaches to meet their idol, Beelzebub!!!

  2. I hope that this is only a start, and hope even more that they will get to Ukraine well before the krauts send their Leopards.

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