The UN confirmed the facts of sexual violence against children by the Russian occupiers

Anastasia Pechenyuk17:30, 25.01.23

The armed forces of the Russian Federation are responsible for the vast majority of violations identified by the UN.

Human rights commissioner of Bosnia and Herzegovina, member of the UN international commission investigating violations in Ukraine Yasminka Dzhumkhur spoke about the established facts of sexual violence against children by the Russian military. 

As she noted in an interview with Radio Liberty, the commission established that war crimes, violations of human rights and international humanitarian law were committed on the territory of Ukraine. 

“The armed forces of the Russian Federation are responsible for the vast majority of detected violations. Violations can be grouped into two categories – those that encroach on the integrity of a person, and those that affect the country’s infrastructure,” she said.

In addition, several crimes against children were registered, “including a wide range of sexual violence.” 

“The spectrum is very broad. We are talking about torture, violence, rape and other forms of sexual violence. We have registered several crimes against children, including a wide range of sexual violence. When we talk about children, they have been injured or killed with firearms. They were sexually abused,” Dzumhur says.

In addition, according to the members of the international commission, violations of the rights of children in orphanages were recorded.

“There is information about the transfer of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation. They are still there. The issue of the return of these children is still being resolved. In many cases, the biological parents live in Ukraine,” Dzhumkhur added. 

Sexual crimes of Russians in Ukraine

Iryna Didenko, the prosecutor in charge of sexual violence cases of the Prosecutor General’s Office, said that in each of the Ukrainian regions freed from the Russians, the facts of sexual crimes committed against Ukrainian citizens are recorded. According to her, survivors of sexual violence fear two things.

“The first is the condemnation of the neighbors. Here, our goal is to prove to the person that only the offender is always guilty of such a crime. The injured person can never be guilty. The second is the return of the Russian military,” she shared.

That is why, in such cases, personal data, place of residence, any information are changed so that a person feels safe while testifying. But even in spite of this, many victims are afraid to seek help in such cases. 

Others, at the same time, find the courage to talk about their experiences, like 42-year-old Vika and 44-year-old Natasha from a village near Kyiv. They told horrific stories about how they were raped by the occupiers. 

The occupiers boasted about some of the episodes of sexual violence against Ukrainians on their own . In addition, there are numerous testimonies that the military command of the Russians not only knew, but also encouraged the rapes.

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  1. Mafia land didn’t send an army to Ukraine, but a heavily armed gang of crooks that commit every type of crime imaginable.

    • Violence against children can only be categorized as genocide, because the only reason it happened was because they were Ukrainian. The offenders and their superiors should be castrated and burned alive.

      • I agree. I hate to think about this because I know that most of those monsters will get off scot free.

        • Don’t assume they will make it back alive.

          And importantly, how does the world allow Russia to maintain it’s veto power on the institution that is in place to stop this kind of stuff?

          Russia should have no place to make any decisions in the UN. That needs to be changed or Russia will be free to use sexual violence against children as a horrific tool to gain territory.

          Why does the UN not address this?

          • “And importantly, how does the world allow Russia to maintain it’s veto power on the institution that is in place to stop this kind of stuff?”

            This is the major reason why the UN is a useless entity. The UN doesn’t need to address this, because they get paid regardless if this crappy organization is working or not.

            • Humanity can’t afford for it to be useless. This unbearably tremendous Ukrainian suffering can not happen again.

              I’d love to see Zelensky lead reform of the UN someday as someone who understands how it doesn’t work (assuming he really had a chance to make the necessary changes).

              • I’ve lost all hopes for this deeply useless and corrupt entity. It should get abolished, and a new one started from scratch, utilizing lessons learned on not how to do it.

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